Women Are Happier In The House | Flagrant 2 with Andrew Schulz & Akaash Singh

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Flagrant 2

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What a better time to stay in the house, and know your place.
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Eddin thankyoueddin
The Flagrant 2 podcast is a comedy and sports show hosted by stand up comedians Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh with Dussepalooza's Real Life Kazeem Famuyide. Only these three would give you the analysis by assholes that is usually limited to the barbershop and the locker room.
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New York native and internationally touring stand-up, Andrew Schulz is known for his hilarious and unsafe comedy. He has starred in the sitcom BENDERS (now available on Netflix), can be seen in Amazon’s SNEAKY PETE, HBO’s CRASHING, and on MTV including GUY CODE and GIRL CODE.
In the podcast realm, Schulz can be heard on the wildly popular THE BRILLIANT IDIOTS - co-hosted by nationally syndicated radio and television personality Charlamagne tha God - the hilarious sports commentary podcast FLAGRANT 2, and the film and TV analysis podcast WESTERBROS. He has made major appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, Bert Kreischer’s BERTCAST, Joey “coco” Diaz The Chuch of What’s Happening Now, and Theo Von’s This Past Weekend. He has even done solo interviews with the likes of Lil Duval and many others.
Andrew’s online presence has touched hundreds of millions of people across the globe and his unconventionally funny approach to the comedy world has launched him into stardome. His shows Dropping In and Inside Jokes will rack of hundreds of thousands of views weekly. Nothing is off limits for Schulz, from sex to race, and even the occasional audience heckler roast, Andrew is hungry to be the best. He can be seen in New York City performing regularly at New York Comedy Club and the Comedy Cellar.

havish HotWings
havish HotWings 4 օր առաջ
Levenyn 27 օր առաջ
I’m only 22, so maybe my feminine instincts have kicked in yet...
Andrea Spooky
Andrea Spooky Ամիս առաջ
I must have taken the wrong channel or something
Razaq Mzale
Razaq Mzale Ամիս առաջ
Thats why feminists fall under the “fuck but dont marry” category.
Muath Jamal
Muath Jamal Ամիս առաջ
any woman that say otherwise is lyin
Michelle South Florida
Michelle South Florida 2 ամիս առաջ
I have no problem with this as long as the man still agrees that I can stay home AFTER the kids graduate high school. Not going to try and find work 18+ years later. Also no cheating. I am taking care of you and your home and your kids, so don't F*uck it up
Sebi A
Sebi A 2 ամիս առաջ
By that logic:Men arent hunting anymore in the west so why should women cook/clean exclusively tho ? 😂
Sebi A
Sebi A 2 ամիս առաջ
Also in this day and age women's housework requires more physical strength than most jobs . For example carrying groceries etc so technically it makes more sense for dudes to housework and for women to work than the other way around in most cases.
Vikrant Palaskar
Vikrant Palaskar 2 ամիս առաջ
This didn't age well though... Divorce rates has gone up by 38% as compare to last year... 😂😂
Kasey Morist
Kasey Morist 2 ամիս առաջ
Lol I'm so friggin sick of cooking and doing dishes.
Ishan Sharma
Ishan Sharma 2 ամիս առաջ
This did not age well.
Fredric Kemp
Fredric Kemp 2 ամիս առաջ
some women hate the house and some men love the house.
Marnie Marnie
Marnie Marnie 3 ամիս առաջ
And this guy is a ”liberal”😂
JonJonBoi 3 ամիս առաջ
Well that actually depends on the woman’s interest. Some women are happier working and some women are happier being housewives.
Echo The Narrator
Echo The Narrator 3 ամիս առաջ
Andrew you sack of shit pick up your shirt
tatsumakisempyukaku 3 ամիս առաջ
iliberal politics is femininity politicized whereas conservative politics is masculinity politicized.
Leanna B
Leanna B 3 ամիս առաջ
Single income in this economy? These rich men who can afford to spoil their wives are a little out of touch. Most families are dual income out of necessity alone. Also women want to work so they have financial independence and so they have the agency to walk away if the relationship doesn't work.
James Hatton
James Hatton 4 ամիս առաջ
Think I need an upgrade. I work, mrs doesn't but I'm still the one that cooks because she cant/wont.
John McFadden
John McFadden 4 ամիս առաջ
Reject Modernity - Embrace tradition.
Things_I_Say 4 ամիս առաջ
Oxycontin and dopamine. Oxy's a bonding/nurturing reward hormone. Dop's an external accomplishment reward hormone. It's just that too much focus on either turns someone into an "I'm fine" sacrificial support-machine or an accomplishment-driven psychopath. Men need to develop accomplishment-driven love and women need to develop self-supportive boundaries.
Things_I_Say 4 ամիս առաջ
It's not evolution if there isn't change. We haven't changed much really.
Things_I_Say 4 ամիս առաջ
Oh we haven't gotten rid of slavery. China and all that. lol
David Lenz
David Lenz 4 ամիս առաջ
This is how you know these guys are still youngins.. they don't think relationship roles have evolved around rearing children..
Steve Dunn
Steve Dunn 4 ամիս առաջ
10 million years. Andrew humans have been on the planet for maybe 250,000 years. Read a book.
Erika 4 ամիս առաջ
I respect women that stay at home but I don’t want to do that, I don’t want to have children that’s just not going to make me happy.
ShabbsArt 4 ամիս առաջ
I'm a man and I'd be happier working from home as well. freelancing is freedom.
eastwood brown
eastwood brown 4 ամիս առաջ
Somebody needs to tell Andrew naaawwwww
Enid Nunez
Enid Nunez 5 ամիս առաջ
Mia Zed
Mia Zed 5 ամիս առաջ
yea... schulz... you're a bit of an asshole, grow up - we're living in civilized society, no woman should have to take care of her husband in ordered to be loved.. that's kind of a fucked up thing to say! what the hell man i liked this guy, turns out he's a bit of a dumbass
Food comes out of lady tits! What else needs to be said!
Odara Rumbol
Odara Rumbol 5 ամիս առաջ
So all men are bringing to the table is money and taking out the bins? And now women make their own money (at least speaking for myself I do), soo.. I get how it's great for you to have a woman. She is cleaning, cooking, taking care of you etc. But your "hunting" isn't really that valuable when I can "hunt" for myself now. The point is we are bringing a lot more to the table. Guys need to step up, what else are you bringing? I agree that doing something for someone else makes you feel good. Like cooking, helping etc but it's not like I only feel good if I cook for a man. I feel amazing when I cook for friends, family etc. I also feel great when someone else cooks for me. I also feel great when I treat a friend to lunch. I just don't think it's about specific gender roles. My parents have been married for years and still have a wonderful relationship together. They've always shared everything, from bills to chores, cooking, looking after each other. They make roughly the same amount of money and each does their part in the house. My dad cooks way more than my mum but my mum cleans the house a lot more. I don't understand why it's so hard to grasp a reality where you split things, do your fair share and enjoy your time together. Obviously, if you are happy with having that balance and the woman you're with is happy with it, that's fine great for you both. But I think there's a lot of women out there that aren't very happy with this "deal."
LORENNA 5 ամիս առաջ
lol eating a meal I did NOT cook makes me happy 💞
Tommy Thornton
Tommy Thornton 3 ամիս առաջ
your cooking must suck so much then
Lyftra 5 ամիս առաջ
If your paying for it power to ya
hook em
hook em 5 ամիս առաջ
To play devils advocate: what if these historic reward systems need to change in order for humanity to "progress". Or maybe these systems need to be brought to the same level in both sexes. With the average age of marriage increasing as longevity increases, women will need to be able to "hunt" for themselves, and men will need to be able to cook for themselves. Maybe everyone, in order for the human race to thrive, has to level up their weakest areas?
Shannon Hooper
Shannon Hooper 5 ամիս առաջ
Oh how I wish I’d seen this when it came out. Now I’m so late. But, ahahahahahaha. EVERYONE likes being taken care of. Why do you think women like men with money? So they can be taken care of. Obviously. Rich women have always had maids and cooks and nannies. Only broke guys want their women to take care of them. And cultists. Andrew, your girlfriend must be younger than you because grown women know better. Find a man who wants to provide for you, ladies! Or, provide for yourself. Anything else is a trap.
Bokonon 5 ամիս առաջ
if this were true, then why do men like to barbeque? And I guess all the military guys who fold their own clothes are secretly women....
James Rodrigo Nash
James Rodrigo Nash 5 ամիս առաջ
Bokonon I agree but i think with all the PC crap going on it’s good to have a balance. We need a middle of the road mentality when it comes to all issues plaguing this country.
Bokonon 5 ամիս առաջ
@James Rodrigo Nash i totally agree with you. i don't think we are predisposed to specific roles either. My wife and I adapt in the way you do. I like Schulz--he's funny and insightful--and he often says things that are tongue and cheek, but *sometimes*, especially with gender, he doesn't really come across as joking. this was one of those cases. i think that's problematic because it's fashionable to exaggerate and naturalize these differences without thinking about what "adaptation" means. that's sloppy thinking amd he's too smart for that.
James Rodrigo Nash
James Rodrigo Nash 5 ամիս առաջ
Bokonon I live by this philosophy, when you are alone your life is your own and you do with it as you wish, but when you get married (this is for both sexes) you are taking responsibility for another person life, so with this responsibility it’s your job to provide comfort and happiness for your spouse. My wife is my whole universe anything she wants in the whole world I will find a way to get it for her. I work for myself so I don’t have anytime to do the household stuff so she takes care of that but in return I make sure that I let her know everyday that I appreciate her and everything she does and plus she literally will get anything she wants. She’s also my business advisor, I only take her opinion when I’m making business decisions. I don’t think we are predisposed to specific roles but I do believe that we do adapt to our environment. If I have to stay at home and do the household stuff because she’s working I will do that if she has to stay home and do the household stuff because I’m working she will do that, And we do that to keep our ship running.
Bokonon 5 ամիս առաջ
@James Rodrigo Nashof course bbqing (and grilling) are forms of cooking! Ask anyone who does either one with care. Check the definition! But anyway, the argument is that women "cook" because they are evolutionarily predisposed to do so. but what is a better reflection of our evolutionary heritage: hunting game or fish and "cooking it" over fire or going to the grocery store to buy Bisquit to make biscuits or getting ingredients for your favorite casserole and "cooking" that up? Also, why are so many top chefs men?
James Rodrigo Nash
James Rodrigo Nash 5 ամիս առաջ
Barbecuing is not cooking, it’s a manly task. We hunt meat we Cook meat. (Hunt from grocery store)
Clayton Davenport
Clayton Davenport 5 ամիս առաջ
Andrew is spot on. I’ve been saying this for years. Many men that have this are happily married including myself. My wife stays home and takes care of our two boys as a full time job. I make the money and help out with a few things here or there. She does everything a housewife would do and it’s great.
leatherandlace7 Ամիս առաջ
I’m so happy to hear this. God bless you guys! Tell other people, both genders are miserable right now.
Lowbrow Television
Lowbrow Television 5 ամիս առաջ
Fuck, i hate when sone says anything about millenials like fuck you boomer! Fuck i hate that shit! Why dont you say shit about old people instead?there the ones who fucked our economy.
Melissa 5 ամիս առաջ
No the divorce rate has actually gone up
Tv IsMyBestFriend
Tv IsMyBestFriend 6 ամիս առաջ
"doing the womanly things that have existed for millions of years" "over the last, I don't know, 10 million years or 20 millions years we've carved out roles for each other" dude, pick up a history book
Raptors Post Game Talk
Raptors Post Game Talk 5 ամիս առաջ
@Tv IsMyBestFriend There was no oppressing and conditioning towards specific gender roles. Those roles were natural instincts.
Hào Hùng
Hào Hùng 6 ամիս առաջ
Dude if you look at it biologically, it makes sense. Why you think that mother Teresa was famous for her love and caring, and America's founding fathers were famous for their sacrifices for the born of USA? Because women (mother) is better than man at caring and nurturing, and men is better at going out there and do some crazy shit that can bring home food, or can kill themselves. It's not because of history or anything, but it because of our nature biological features in men and women. That's what happened in the ancient time, women went out hunting and baaam they died, and men stayed at the cave taking care of their children and baaam the baby died. They figured out it didn't work that way so that's when gender roles was born.
Berserking Bishop
Berserking Bishop 6 ամիս առաջ
@Tv IsMyBestFriend Went too deep man, I was just mentioning that humans have been around for quite a while, that's all. I was not defending shultz's view or anything. Although work is very much about providing for your family or self if you don't have one. Yeah you can get fullfillment out of it, but it's also about providing for yourself and not being a burden to other people.
Tv IsMyBestFriend
Tv IsMyBestFriend 6 ամիս առաջ
@Berserking Bishop these "womanly things" and "roles" haven't been carved out for millions of years and humans as we know them haven't existed for even 1. And if we want to go back to the past then let's make rape legal since we're at it as well as slavery, it was a perfectly good role for non white people, I don't know why we got rid of it. There's a difference between biological differences that exist between men and women and oppressing and conditioning them to certain roles, depriving them of their freedom to choose what they want to do. Working is not just about providing for your family or whatever the fuck. It gives you purpose and a sense of accomplishment, fulfilment... This is some 1940s talk. I like some of Schultz stuff but this was super regressive and dumb.
Berserking Bishop
Berserking Bishop 6 ամիս առաջ
That would be anthropology actually, and humans have been around for 4 million years at least. While it was comedy, it did ring with a tiny speck of truth as all good comedy does.
D Wolfe
D Wolfe 6 ամիս առաջ
Men, you want your wife to cook you amazing food?Bed her very well- and buy her an expensive Japanese chef knife.
Lyftra 5 ամիս առաջ
Cant cheat them then though or you just bought her the weapon you’ll be stabbed by
Nathan Henson
Nathan Henson 6 ամիս առաջ
Ephesians gets it right. Love your Wife like Christ loves the Church. Then the Wife needs to respect the Husband if he's doing his job. So in lamens terms the Husband has to make sure his Wife is Loved and Wife's need to make sure their Husband needs to feel respected. I really think from a Macro standpoint this is true.
Sheikh 3 ամիս առաջ
lmao how tf does christ show his love for the church? this the most dumbass shit I ever read
Chris poole
Chris poole 6 ամիս առաջ
I’d have to agree. Most women hit a age where they switch into mom mode and wanna take care of the home. Unless your a feminist chick. Then you wanna be a dude lol.
Lamia Hamid
Lamia Hamid 24 օր առաջ
Even the feminists reach a point in their life where they realize they wasted time. Most of the time however (when they reach it) it’s far too late.
JonJonBoi 3 ամիս առաջ
Well that depends. How is that being a feminist chick by not having kids, a family and not being a stay home mom? How is that being a dude if a woman doesn’t want to be a house mom? Some women are happier as house moms and some women are happier working. It really depends on the woman’s interest. You can’t just put women in a collective group by saying that women are happier as stay home moms than housewives. By saying that a woman is less feminine because she refuses to have children, a family and so on is a very sexist thing to say.
Bavz 5 ամիս առաջ
100% the last year my girl did a 180 and has become all domestic focused and stuff. She was never like that. It is so good, plus it encouraged me to step up my game.
Pro Gnostic
Pro Gnostic 5 ամիս առաջ
Well you can’t be angry at your self for having a bad ideology.
Smith McSmith
Smith McSmith 6 ամիս առաջ
Am I allowed to respectfully disagree with portions of this without being labelled a feminazi?
Anne B
Anne B 6 ամիս առաջ
Ladi Smith. He’s also a comedian, not a professor, etc. I think each relationship has to do what works for them. I’ve know couples where the guy likes to cook and the wife likes mowing the lawn. And if that works for them, great. I think men and women view care giving in different ways. Traditionally, A man who is a good provider, kids growing up in a decent neighborhood or schools, may give him a sense of pride. We are so used to focusing on feminism, women, oppression, etc, over the last 50 years, I don’t mind hearing various men’s perspectives. And just as you don’t want to hear what you like or desire, I’m sure men don’t like it either. If anything today it seems women are told they have many options....career, kids, work part time, etc. Are men (generally) really afforded options? Sure a man can decide not to marry, or not to have kids. But a married father....sometimes they stay home with the kids, but usually the pressure is to be the main breadwinner. And the divorce rate if the woman earns more than the man, is pretty high. As far as this video, this isn’t news, they saying “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” has existed for a long time. Have you heard Dave Chappell? He comes right out and says there’s only 3 things you have to do to please your man-make him a sandwich, bj, and be quiet. They are comedians, so there’s some hyperbole, yet also some truth 😂.
Smith McSmith
Smith McSmith 6 ամիս առաջ
Anne B I feel a sense of fulfilment when I take care of those I love, regardless if they are my man, my friend, my family member. What I don't like is when anyone, man or woman, tells me what I like or what I desire just because I was born a female. I don't understand his relentless generalisations of men and women. Why can we all just be treated as individuals? Yes, they may be commonalities, but must be we so agressive about enforcing them? These questions aren't exactly addressed to you, but thank you for actually asking me without being rude. Kindness is so rare these days.
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar 6 ամիս առաջ
You can, explain why.
Anne B
Anne B 6 ամիս առաջ
What do you disagree with? You don’t feel a sense of fulfillment taking care of your man?
MK ULTRA 6 ամիս առաջ
@Smith McSmith I'm giving you the typical feminist response whenever a guy brings up complaints about women. "Who hurt you?"
Darth Ravenous
Darth Ravenous 6 ամիս առաջ
Honestly the rate would go up, not down. The more time people spend with their spouse the more things they see that they don’t like about that person. Since many married people didn’t actually vet their partners well enough they end up divorcing. This is why almost 80% of marriages don’t work.
Sean Kent
Sean Kent 6 ամիս առաջ
Quarantine led to 2 things: More divorce, and more babies.
Jose De aquino
Jose De aquino 6 ամիս առաջ
Fredric Kemp
Fredric Kemp 6 ամիս առաջ
I Grow up in an all boys family.That Meant there was no gender roles.We all did the dishes we all cooked we all chopped wood it was all gratifying.Best cooks in the world were always men.At one time they wouldn’t let women touch the phone because they thought the hormones change the flavor.Women more of the teachers and caretakers of the children.Father was the protector and brought their sons into adulthood.Sounds kind of sexist probably is.But that’s the way it was back in the day and that was a very long day.
Simon Benson
Simon Benson 8 ամիս առաջ
Feminism only works during good times. Period.
HR Q 2 ամիս առաջ
when all the real issues are basically taken care of, then ok i guess we can worry about feminism. that’s why feminists in places like somalia, north korea, and afghanistan know their place lol, if they even exist.
Gui 4 ամիս առաջ
it doesn’t work at all!
Jay Soul
Jay Soul 8 ամիս առաջ
There's definitely something there about women liking/wanting to cook for their partner or family.
Renaissance Light
Renaissance Light 8 ամիս առաջ
I love hearing this because it seems like men nowadays don't value these traits in a woman. I strongly believe a man should never marry a woman that doesn't know how to cook and clean..just my opinion
Michelle South Florida
Michelle South Florida 2 ամիս առաջ
@Bridgee Bridge If the man is willing to take care of me and the kids and I can stay home.. Hell I would cook and clean all day
HR Q 2 ամիս առաջ
Renaissance Light nah Bridgee has a point. Men hunt, women nest. Today hunting means making money. But both sides need to contribute. I wouldn’t want to come home after a long day’s work to a messy house and a tv dinner.
Renaissance Light
Renaissance Light 4 ամիս առաջ
@Bridgee Bridge Being broke has nothing to do with it. If a man treats you right that doesn't matter.
Bridgee Bridge
Bridgee Bridge 4 ամիս առաջ
Yup..and a women should never marry s broke man.....So she can stay home..and do all these things....amen
Renaissance Light
Renaissance Light 6 ամիս առաջ
@tim turner I agree with you 💯. What I am referring to is women who can only provide for a man sexually. They walk around proudly stating that they don't know how to cook. They have zero desire in attempting to learn. Yet a lot these type of women are worshiped by their husbands/boyfriends. There was a time when this wasn't acceptable in society. Cooking and cleaning shouldn't be gender specific. Men should also learn to look after themselves and be more productive in that manner, but that's not what I was specifically referring to.
Tomáš Tesař
Tomáš Tesař 8 ամիս առաջ
in Wuhan, the divorce rates increased significantly
Tomáš Tesař
Tomáš Tesař 5 ամիս առաջ
@Princess Pinhead as soon as quarantine was over
Princess Pinhead
Princess Pinhead 5 ամիս առաջ
How they get divorced when everything was closed?
Zuza 8 ամիս առաջ
Tomáš Tesař yup and domestic violence increased too
Third Assassin
Third Assassin 8 ամիս առաջ
WARNING ACTUAL FOOTAGE! China Responsible for Coronavirus. WATCH HERE: am-posts.info/list/q9edlnnQwY3WrZQ/video
SAND MINE 8 ամիս առաջ
Schulz's brilliance is off the chart!
Aïda H
Aïda H 8 ամիս առաջ
Andrew i get what u mean that the genders have instinctive differances that make us excellent and better in different areas in life ...but please dont discredit historical patriotism for being “untrue”. The more detailed you learn about it in history the more you’ll understand what motivates us women today. Wether it motivated by hate and resistance or not, for freedom of choice, respect and to get a sense of outside achievement ...shit has become the way they are today for good reason... i know its humor, but i felt like sharing this still. anyway i really enjoy these videos. Thank you for consistency🤞🏽😊
Anne B
Anne B 6 ամիս առաջ
Aida H. I respectfully disagree. I think the one guy was more accurate, most people throughout history have struggled to just make ends meet. When preparing a meal, doing laundry, etc were all day chores, a man who was plowing the field, in the mine for 10 hours a day probably did not think he was oppressing his wife. Modern conveniences, along with birth control is what gave women the ability for family planning, spend less time doing chores, etc. And why is “outside achievement” the metric? Feminism has women brainwashed that value comes from earning an income. Value can cone from providing well balanced meals, a clean and organized home, help teaching your children, volunteering in the community to build stronger communities.
R. Tucky
R. Tucky 6 ամիս առաջ
For a good reason? I’ll tell you what that reason is - your extinction. You can only be turned on by men who are higher than you in the social status, and so the higher you rise, the lesser men you find attractive, and thus end up single and childless at 40, and that’s why your genes die out. Saying that feminism is a part of evolution is stupid. Feminism has always been about de-evolving.
Aïda H
Aïda H 8 ամիս առաջ
baby bean _ yes there is soo much to cover on the subject. Especially the aftermath of the 60s women rights protests like youre saying
baby bean
baby bean 8 ամիս առաջ
equal rights is great, because obviously not *every* woman is going to innately want to be a housewife, but you also have to realise that the movements to increase women in the workforce were led and supported by extremist women, and not the majority of women. it is only recently that the idea has been supported by the majority, but how much of that idea is based on propaganda, and how much is genuine individual thought from individual experiences in each of the two main roles (either job or housewife)
The Dwight Mamba
The Dwight Mamba 8 ամիս առաջ
Can't cheat in a quarantine. No going out, no affairs. Divorce rates drop.
Long Schlong
Long Schlong 6 ամիս առաջ
Some affairs keep marriages together
Demon child
Demon child 8 ամիս առաջ
Andrew is the misogynistic king we all didn’t know we needed!
Marnie Marnie
Marnie Marnie 3 ամիս առաջ
jijor assad but this guy has said he was a liberal
jijor assad
jijor assad 5 ամիս առաջ
What he is saying is true why do you think men dominate in Many fields like sports business politics their a evolutionary Reason behind it by nature were meant to be dominate and compete Because back thousands of years ago men were hunting and Killing animals while women were just sitting and cooking It really has nothing to do with the system being sexist is just Naturally biological evolutionary things 2e have no control over
baby bean
baby bean 8 ամիս առաջ
might want to look up misogynistic, because he isn't
Teddy Hive
Teddy Hive 8 ամիս առաջ
Take care of yourself dammit
jijor assad
jijor assad 5 ամիս առաջ
That why no respect black girl and most of them are single Moms because you don't know how to treat a men
KANYE WEST 6 ամիս առաջ
black women yuck
Austin Rode
Austin Rode 8 ամիս առաջ
Bruh why you gotta switch sides on us
Marnie Marnie
Marnie Marnie 3 ամիս առաջ
He’s liberal when it comes to blm but when it’s feminism or lgbt he changes his mind. He has said that he is a liberal but I doubt that.
Juan Mateo
Juan Mateo 8 ամիս առաջ
yo y Kaz not on no more?
Leggo My Ego
Leggo My Ego 8 ամիս առաջ
Nope, the divorce rate in China has exploded due to corona virus. The same thing will happen here.
G -Turo
G -Turo 8 ամիս առաջ
20 million years ago, the closest thing to a human was a 5 inch tall primate
ducK 8 ամիս առաջ
G -Turo proof? oops
LIL ICE 8 ամիս առաջ
Yo what hapoen to the other black dude
Marie adesola
Marie adesola 8 ամիս առաջ
Well now she knows u didn't put up the mirror, Schultz out here snitching on himself like a learner
Fikrati 8 ամիս առաջ
Matter of fact : The rate of divorces in China increased during the quarantine 🤷🏽‍♂️
Lynne Joyner
Lynne Joyner 8 ամիս առաջ
Im a stay at home mom I love it!
Bridgee Bridge
Bridgee Bridge 4 ամիս առաջ
@Nathan Henson All i can say is PREACH......
kleshayer 5 ամիս առաջ
@wings of a butterfly well i like desroying men in a court case which i do like almost all of the time so yeah girl i kick ass 😂
You had Me at Shrek
You had Me at Shrek 5 ամիս առաջ
Nathan Henson I fucking hate that life. Now this doesn’t mean I want to go back to the 50s and get my ass beat by my husband, but I don’t want to work a man’s job.
ATLien n
ATLien n 5 ամիս առաջ
kleshayer respect to you no ones dogging on you people just like what they like
Nathan Henson
Nathan Henson 5 ամիս առաջ
@kleshayer I said it's 2020 and do w.e makes you happy. 40 hours isn't 70 vs some of the smartest ppl in an industry. I lived that life in Finance for 12 years 60-80 a week and only 3 vacations. It's not a healthy life for the majority of ppl no matter the sex. Just because I'm financially okay right now, doesn't mean it was worth it. Barley see your family, enjoy life, or just be able to think about anything else. Women get the short end of the stick as far as time too. Men can mess around until about 40-50, Women have that 35 year old wall. These feminists are selling many of these younger women false bill of goods. It's easy to believe a lot of what they preach, get obsessed, and wake up at 40 realizing it's not really a life they wanted in the first place. Now you have to settle on a man and try to have kids. Just do what you're going to do bc you want it, not because an ideology tells you too.
kartikeya shokeen
kartikeya shokeen 8 ամիս առաջ
Let me oppress my girl real quick 🤣🤣
the missile skud
the missile skud 5 ամիս առաջ
@JB Bonilla bad parents do that. If you want smart kids then you engage in non screen activities. Mostly fun problem solving on their level.
JB Bonilla
JB Bonilla 6 ամիս առաջ
Someone oppress me and make me pop in a dvd, for the kids, every few hours, while in my pj's. I'm tired of the 9 to 5 grind 😂
Jin trucker
Jin trucker 6 ամիս առաջ
If oppression is getting to stay home while your partner goes to work for 10 hours then I wanna be oppressed too
Y Z 8 ամիս առաջ
forreal lol. no one thinks like that but feminist love to throw that around lol
Nike is a Greek Goddess
Nike is a Greek Goddess 8 ամիս առաջ
Bro, do yall not realize a couple of generations ago most women spent their life being pregnant? Haven't you noticed that every generation going backwards to the past, grandma's grandma had like 14 children AND counting??? Come on now. Everybody ever has wanted to fuck, women included. Take effective birth control out of the equation. Caveman days, the stone, metal and middle ages. Women had no other option than doing the light work. Having pregnant women do the jobs men did back then would ACTUALLY be oppression. Would be worse than slavery. There's no real holding women down. Birth control opened a world of possibilities for women that weren't conceivable back then. Both genders are in the middle of catching up to technological revolutions. Add a bunch of hating/psychopathic assholes in government over the ages to the equation and that's your "patriarchy".
Phew Nation
Phew Nation 5 ամիս առաջ
@Meng 963 Just because you did fit with what he said doesn't nullify his points, it just shows your family is just an exception. As he said is point is proven by millions of families and just because yours doesn't fit doesn't mean his point is wrong. That's how statistics work. Not everything is a 100%. But more like a generalisation.
Wolfman7870 6 ամիս առաջ
The op's point is that women from previous generations had more kids than the current generation, causing them to be incapacitated for most of thier adult lives and less capable of performing work compared to men. This reality caused gender roles which are a facet and root cause of what feminists deem 'the patriarchy.' We have sex primarily because it feels good and in a world before the internet, there was very little to do that the average person could afford that offered a better sensation than sex. Generally most people outside of dirt poor coutries with subsistent economies and no laws against child labor, don't make a conscious decision to have alot of kids. They have them as a result of no birth control, a biological compulsion to have sex, lack of education on the matter, etc.
Meng 963
Meng 963 6 ամիս առաջ
@Lucas how is 5 children not alot if on average women have 1 to 2 children in the middle class? I just think that your reasoning is to basic these are just my facts that go against your points.
Lucas 6 ամիս առաջ
@Meng 963 5 children isn't a lot. Also, there are these things called EXCEPTIONS. The AVERAGE middle class family has something like 2.1 children. You may want to investigate the general principles of statistics to better understand the world. Explain your reasoning that three examples are as legitimate as MILLIONS of data points collected by statisticians?
Ian Lilley
Ian Lilley 6 ամիս առաջ
@Meng 963 what was the reasoning for 5?
Kyle G
Kyle G 8 ամիս առաջ
Wrong way to look at it. Spouses locked together for weeks and months? Divorce attorneys prepping for a boom in business.
Things_I_Say 4 ամիս առաջ
HAHAHA! Totally! Omg, this is the calm b4 the storm.
No 8 ամիս առաջ
u dont have elven ears
sopark434 8 ամիս առաջ
MgTow for life. Not worth all the pain and suffering.
KANYE WEST 6 ամիս առաջ
We got mgtows on here? damn the philosophy is spreading and it's great to see
ryan moore
ryan moore 8 ամիս առաջ
These clips getting old... I get the logic when you dont have many fans but now you have fans. Post the whole shit and the clips.
Uno Dia
Uno Dia 8 ամիս առաջ
I’m starting to view Schulz a lil differently now...🤔
ducK 8 ամիս առաջ
Uno Dia wym
diablo 8 ամիս առաջ
ummmmm idk if you guys checked but divorce rates are higher than ever because people are spendin so much time with their SO due to the kung flu that theyre getting sick of each other
Jaleel Townsend
Jaleel Townsend 8 ամիս առաջ
I would LOVE to see Andrew Schulz hunting trip shot by Alexxmedia
Tyler Hilton
Tyler Hilton 8 ամիս առաջ
Probably true, but that's whats beautiful about our country. Women can decide where they think they will be happiest. Freedom.
AnnoyeD 6 ամիս առաջ
baby bean no women or men are “forced” into college.
baby bean
baby bean 8 ամիս առաջ
can they really decide? many young people feel they were forced into university by society. 66% of university students are women. society has a lot of control over everyone, including women. they're not really deciding; just gong with the flow the extremist feminists created for them.
Y Z 8 ամիս առաջ
the irony is this "happiness" directly leads to "unhappiness"
zachare 8 ամիս առաջ
Whoever is doing the thumbnails is killing it
Tropikkkana 8 ամիս առաջ
Glad y’all keep Kaz’s name in the title/intro. Gives me some hope y’all will figure everything out.
Remington O
Remington O 8 ամիս առաջ
If you look up “The Rona“ virus, there’s a picture of Akaash in this episode next to it
Robert U
Robert U 8 ամիս առաջ
2 hours a day, come on with the fuckin content!
Mark Dunn
Mark Dunn 8 ամիս առաջ
New subscriber. Keep it going man you have so much potential because you keep it 100% bullshit free.
g8[ 8 ամիս առաջ
Comment section warning: Be prepared for triggered feminists complaining about "roles"
Marnie Marnie
Marnie Marnie 3 ամիս առաջ
Gender roles are dumb
Angry Happy
Angry Happy 5 ամիս առաջ
lazy twats shouldn't be heard.
notyourmom 5 ամիս առաջ
lol I don't see any
R Coria
R Coria 8 ամիս առաջ
1:25 Don’t be a control freak
ATLien n
ATLien n 5 ամիս առաջ
I get it tho
The O
The O 8 ամիս առաջ
Men who can't cook just seem like Mama's boys who never grew up.
MK ULTRA 6 ամիս առաջ
@Orcajesus As a former Subway employee, I'd take Karen's boiled flavorless chicken anyday.
ducK 8 ամիս առաջ
Orcajesus It’s cheaper cookin but if ya makin money then no prob
Orcajesus 8 ամիս առաջ
@The O yeah I more meant for a kid just starting to cook, would you rather have subway or a shittly cooked chicken breast :P
The O
The O 8 ամիս առաջ
@Orcajesus idk I usually like what I make better unless I'm eating expensive
Orcajesus 8 ամիս առաջ
@The O but what's the point, if you can just order it, itll taste better in the moment and its usually faster. Instant gratification is dangerous vice.
Grace 8 ամիս առաջ
I agree but can the average family live off of 1 income. I think that’s what’s causing the gender roles to be blurred
Anne B
Anne B 6 ամիս առաջ
William Schlass. But feminism won’t acknowledge that part of it. Now it’s not really a choice to be a stay at home mom, you’re forced to bring in an income, it’s very hard to raise a family on one income, also gotta pay back those student loans to the government.
William Schlass
William Schlass 6 ամիս առաջ
average families cant live off of one income because our workforce essentially doubled in size which effectively halved the value of labor... thats why wages have barely moved in decades while cost of living continues to go up...
Treacherous J Slither
Treacherous J Slither 6 ամիս առաջ
A lot of women want financial independence. Then they find out firsthand that working for a living sucks.
Grace 8 ամիս առաջ
Y Z That’s true. I became an RN and once I started my career, I thought I would be happier. It was actually the opposite. Now all I want to do is stay home and be a house wife. Maybe it’s all about balance or we always want what we can’t have.
Y Z 8 ամիս առաջ
that is a BIG factor indeed. also a lot of girls who have moms that were stay at home seem to not value what their moms do or if they do they don't want to do it themselves to keep the cycle going. and i've seen stay at home moms push their daughter to NOT be stay at home moms so there is so many factors at play.
Navajo Doll
Navajo Doll 8 ամիս առաջ
In Navajo (native tribe) ways , in a relationship ... the women make sure the men are physically fine and the men make sure the women are mentally fine. That’s the system, so even if it seems patriarchal it’s not , because the woman would own everything the man would bring back and the kids. It’s definitely a good reward system❣️Also I’ve been hunting lmao, 2 elk under my belt!
odabuu 5 ամիս առաջ
Isn't that a matriarchy and why is that good?
Y Z 8 ամիս առաջ
ducK 8 ամիս առաջ
Navajo Doll dam u physically fine
COlorado Grown
COlorado Grown 8 ամիս առաջ
Schulz about to fire akaash to!
video novelist
video novelist 8 ամիս առաջ
As is usual Andrew is making some sort of sense. But what you are describing is like a very primal and primitive living. I think we can transcend those reward systems or at least shape them however we want. Sincerely, a young woman saddened by what you have just said.
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar 6 ամիս առաջ
Look at women aged 30 and above with no children and 3 cats see if they are happy and you’ll understand. Women are strong but not stronger than their nature, same as men. It’s thousands of years of evolution and doesn’t just switch off just like that because 50 years of feminism and an affluent society. Smart women realise this early and move to a more gender friendly role and make themselves and their family genuinely happy and that’s definitely a sacrifice given that you don’t need to do that in the modern western society.
video novelist
video novelist 8 ամիս առաջ
@Y Z This is a valid point and that you would want that same nurturing energy for your own children is a beautiful thing. But when it is you who has experienced that energy and care, why can't you be the one to give it to your children... I am sure that there are arguments for whyt that is not a very possible thing for you to achieve. Also, I don't have children. I have no idea what it must be like to create consciousness and then be responsible for it not having any serious mental problems. So, I guess the only point I really want to make is that I hope to find a man who is self-reflexive enough to understand that women showing affection through picking up shirts from the ground and men by buying stuff is derivative of the hunting and gathering days where this dynamic was necessary to survive. In most of today's western civilization men's superior muscle mass doesn't do shit for survival. This dynamic was never natural; it was - back back in the day - at most necessary. Today it is not necessary anymore and I don't see why Andrew is perpetuating reward systems based on dynamics that aren't at all necessary in his priviledged life. Probably because he is doing his job getting us talking and now we all think we should have an opinion. Thanks for reading!
Y Z 8 ամիս առաջ
most of us men can't shape the thing we naturally like. Many of us flourished because of what our nurturing mothers and grandmothers did for us and now that we are grown and of age we want those qualities especially for our children because we are living proof of what it does. and to some minority of women we are demonized and told we hate women because of it.
EffJ88 8 ամիս առաջ
Hahaha! Love it! Where’s Kaz though ?! I’m sure you mentionned it but i missed that part i guess
mauberni 8 ամիս առաջ
I mean maybe it will lower divorces in the future, but it will certainly increase divorce rates now when you have to spend much more time together.
Drea Darling
Drea Darling 8 ամիս առաջ
"We've carved out roles for each other" More like men put women in the roles they found to be beneath them, and don't like that women are not in the kitchen anymore. Shultz I love ya but come on 🙄 Wow mention anything women rights related and get attacked.
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar 6 ամիս առաջ
Why didn’t women go out to hunt for food? What stopped them? Was hunting beneath them?
William Schlass
William Schlass 6 ամիս առաջ
imagine thinking that taking care of the house and children is an unimportant task... but it makes sense that the same people who see house keeping as a task beneath them (white liberal women) want to have open borders for more illegal immigrants who they see as beneath them to do these inferior tasks.
Drea Darling
Drea Darling 8 ամիս առաջ
@baby bean Ya pretty sure all photographic evidence of the womens marches to vote, kinda void your comment but good try.
baby bean
baby bean 8 ամիս առաջ
​@Drea Darling actually, the majority of women opposed getting the right to vote because of all the responsibilities they would have to take on. men actually forced the vote onto women, so if anything, "equality" (i.e. treating women like men) is the real 'men oppressing women'.
Phry3 tura
Phry3 tura 8 ամիս առաջ
@Ant Banks Yep. no point continuing. She has no arguments, only emotions and platitudes. I could make a certain kind of joke here... but I wont.
AutumnOnFire 8 ամիս առաջ
Schulz really trying to reinstate the nuclear family 😂
leatherandlace7 Ամիս առաջ
The nuclear family is dying faster than anything. He has a good point to support it.
Marnie Marnie
Marnie Marnie 3 ամիս առաջ
And I remember this guy said he was a ”liberal”😂
hangukhiphop 6 ամիս առաջ
the irony being the nuclear family is a ridiculously new phenomenon millions of years my ass
Soji Otuyelu
Soji Otuyelu 8 ամիս առաջ
This dude spoke to Rogan for an hour a year ago and he keeps bringing it up like it just happened. 🤣
J_Venchy 8 ամիս առաջ
Antonio Sustaita lol they’re friends in real life idiot... they talk all the time... 🙄
MaxJuilien 8 ամիս առաջ
He was there twice tho.
Antonio Sustaita
Antonio Sustaita 8 ամիս առաջ
They text. Rogan has brought him up a handful of times.
Todd McCoy
Todd McCoy 8 ամիս առաջ
Petition on Alexx leaving from behind the camera since Kaz is gone. Not 100% of the time. But I’ve always hated hearing him speak on everything, then cry saying, “I’m just the camera-man”
dmpm147 8 ամիս առաջ
Is kaz actually done withe pod?
ieatpotatosalad 8 ամիս առաջ
Definitely true about the that reward system I hunt a lot and it’s a good feeling knowing I got the meal for my girlfriend
Nikolebichon 6 ամիս առաջ
ieatpotatosalad men are literally hardwired to feel good to provide for a woman. Women deny and hide this fact but it’s true. It’s in our DNA 🧬
1 8 ամիս առաջ
Forgot to thank the plumber and the handymen that play a role in keeping housewives happy....and the food delivery guys out there...shout out to ya'll
Anushka Sarkar
Anushka Sarkar 8 ամիս առաջ
okay....this makes me feel useless af :'/ i don't do shit.
Doesitmatter? 8 ամիս առաջ
I love cooking 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🙀 but eff them dishes.
odabuu 5 ամիս առաջ
@Joel Zapata foh, that's moms job. Daddy is taking out the trash.
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar 6 ամիս առաջ
Get a dishwasher
Kuchi Flies
Kuchi Flies 6 ամիս առաջ
Yeah. Them dishes are always a bother XD. IF ITS LITTLE ILL DO THEM TOO, BUT IF ITS ALOT hahahha they wash em.
Joel Zapata
Joel Zapata 6 ամիս առաջ
Mom does the dinner dad does the dishes. That's how it's always been in my house
Doesitmatter? 8 ամիս առաջ
@ducK only if you call me daddy
Miss Hisoka Paints
Miss Hisoka Paints 8 ամիս առաջ
Not everyone is like this. I like to cook because i find it creative and fun. I hate tidying and my ex loved to clean and organise shit. I feel like you guys are a completely different age group and culture tbh.
baby bean
baby bean 8 ամիս առաջ
@Miss Hisoka Paints _>Their girl friends sound awful_ someone being kind and thoughtful to you sounds awful? yikes; i hope you're just jealous.
legacyof7 8 ամիս առաջ
I think it mostly goes down to people who have OCD and those who do not. I, myself am OCD so I usually always try to keep things clean and tidy but i'm just not over the top about it like some people are. Maybe Andrew's girlfriend is really OCD so she always cleans, but generally the cooking part is more to do with doing something you like doing and also knowing what you're putting into your body which is maybe why she does that also lol. I mean people can always buy their food instead of making it. It's just personal choice I guess
Miss Hisoka Paints
Miss Hisoka Paints 8 ամիս առաջ
@The O forreal I'm like who are you dating? Their girl friends sound awful
The O
The O 8 ամիս առաջ
Yeah they really showed their boomer in this clip
C.R Rivas
C.R Rivas 8 ամիս առաջ
But why the f*&$ does this make sense. Lmaooo
Arya A.
Arya A. 8 ամիս առաջ
Actually domestic violence is going to increase. Some people need to leave the house because of an abusive spouse
odabuu 5 ամիս առաջ
Sounds like they need to leave the marriage😒
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson 6 ամիս առաջ
sadly domestic violence rates aren't good factors in divorce rates.
Arya A.
Arya A. 8 ամիս առաջ
Tay Wavy Jhonni Cash ohh I’m good bros just wanted to shed light on this. I didn’t think about it till some one mentioned it to me
Tay Wavy Beats
Tay Wavy Beats 8 ամիս առաջ
Is everything ok at home?
Jhonni Cash
Jhonni Cash 8 ամիս առաջ
Arya A. I hope you’re ok in your house
godofgamingnos 8 ամիս առաջ
Andrew slips into Jordan Peterson mode at 3:00.
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